November 26, 2015

CloudPlayer Pro

With Carl Chapman, we have released the latest version of CloudPlayer Pro, v3.2.7.3.

This release packs quite a bit of punch. Of course, the standard secure stream protection is there, as always.

In addition to the recently added secure HTML5 (read: iPhone, iPod, iTouch and iPad) support, support for Google Analytics and a Social Networking "sharing" are now an integral part of this unique WordPress plugin.

Within CloudPlayer, a new shortcode has also been added,

Click here to view, which enables you to play a video in a ThickBox overlay. You can opt to have the overlay run in "modal" mode - meaning they must specifically close the window.

In "modal" mode, you can also prevent viewers from closing the window and "force" them to watch a video to the end. This option, coupled with "redirect on finish", can be useful if you want viewers to watch the full video before they can proceed to the next item or page. This "walled garden" feature is unique among the available player implementation, especially with secure streaming.

Get your free version here: