December 1, 2015

Larry Ostrovsky - Infusionsoft Membership Plugin Is So Sweet


The infusionWP plugin is so sweet. I know a lot of marketers that will love it !

Larry Ostrovsky
New Mexico, USA

Nathan Curtis - Membership Site With Infusionsoft Testimonial

NathanCurtisI ought to close the loop and report back my experience building a membership site with infusionWP.

I found it to be super easy to install – perhaps just a couple of extra steps over a standard WP plugin.

Config was very easy – a few configuration fields in the plugin and back in Infusionsoft – and you’re ready to rock with protected pages and posts.

I’ve yet to experience any bugs or usability issues – but I had a couple of questions and Bob’s support has been excellent.

In terms of features – it covered everything on my requirements’ checklist for the project ..

..In summary, I would definitely recommend taking a look at this if you building a membership site – especially if you are familiar with Infusionsoft.

Nathan Curtis
Sydney, Australia

Don Anderson - InfusionWP is Excellent

After posing a question on the [sic: Infusionsoft] forum and reading Bob’s spirited self-recommendation, I also took the plunge with InfusionWP.

I haven’t regretted it.

There were some problems getting the plugin to work on my cloudhost server (multiple load balanced servers with a constantly changing IP address) but support responded very quickly and altered the encryption license to be IP agnostic and things started working.

I never encountered better support than from infusionWP. They are so helpful that I really miss them on the rare occasion that they don’t respond instantly. Overall, InfusionWP is excellent and I give a wholeheartedly recommendation.

Don Anderson

Ryan Colby Commenting on InfusionWP


InfusionWP is awesome.

Also, I’ve been very, very impressed with the support so far with this software….it has saved me hours and hours of figuring this stuff out myself.

Ryan Colby
Michigan, USA

AJ Silvers on InfusionWP - The Best Infusionsoft Membership Solution


Hi Bob

Just wanted to say a big thank you!

My first membership site went live with your plugin earlier on today.

The memberships are filling up nicely and not a single hitch or snag!

Having tested a number of plugins before selecting yours I was struck by how easy it was to get set up and just how powerful it is!

If someone is using Infusionsoft they MUST use your plugin, I am constantly finding new ways to use your shortcodes and my members are loving the way the site seems to respond to their specific choices, needs and actions!

You software is simply first class.


AJ Silvers
United Kingdom

WordPress Membership Site Testimonial - Arthur Sexton

Arthur Sexton

From the guy who turned InfusionWP shortcodes into a full fledged programming language:

I was hoping I could give InfusionWP a glowing testimonial. But that simply wouldn’t do it justice.

So it is with a heavy heart I award InfusionWP five out of five. Possible accusations of mathematical illiteracy prevent me from scoring it six out of five. That would be the only way I could convey that InfusionWP is by some distance the best membership software around.

InfusionWP is an absolute must for anyone using Infusionsoft who wants to create a membership site based on WordPress.

Seamless, real time, integration coupled the comprehensive ‘shortcode’ toolset allows us to interact with our members and prospects with relevant tailored content.

The support is excellent, a ten out of five. We all know speed of implementation is critical in this environment. Having a fully integrated product, with excellent and timely support is invaluable.

In summary: Why would I settle for less when I can use the best?


Arthur Sexton

InfusionWP Testimonial from Jason Morecraft

Just wanted to take some time and say thanks. Infusionwp is amazing!

I’ve tried a couple other membership portals on various platforms and this is by far the best. Second to the plugin would have to be the support I have received. This has been by far the best customer
service I have ever seen. Most of my emails have been answered in under 15 min, day or night.

I would recommend this plugin to anyone who is looking to create a membership site. Keep up the great great work!

Jason Morecraft
Georgia, USA

WordPress to Infusionsoft Testimonial - Dustin Mathews

Dustin Mathews
InfusionWP has completely exploded my business.

Before, I had to hire someone to tediously enter everyone into my membership now with this plugin, my business is completely automated.

This will definitely save me personally over $10,000 in extra costs!

Dustin Mathews
Tampa, Forida