November 25, 2015

Infusionsoft - What's around the corner...

Do you want to know what the biggest question I get asked about Infusionsoft is?

Well, it's more of a request than a question really. It seems like everybody wants to see what a perfect Infusionsoft setup would look like. They want to SEE how to do it the absolute right way.

I think that I've seen it done "right" several different ways. It may sound strange but doing it "right" is a very relative term. If you're a laundromat, your version of "right" for Infusionsoft will be different than an e-book library's version of "right" or a coaching company's version of "right".

The fact is, there are many creative ways to get Infusionsoft done right. Infusionsoft is a very open system and you can put whatever you want into it.

Do you remember how you felt and what you were first thinking about the possibilities with Infusionsoft? Did you ever let your mind wander into a fantasy of having it turn your business into a fully automated, push-button cash machine?

If you're anything like me, you might have had a nerd-attack and meticulously planned how you were going to automate this thing until it pumped out cash like a root-beer drinking fountain.

You want to see the "Zen Garden" of the Infusionsoft world don't you?

Well the future of Infusionsoft ties directly into the idea of this "Zen Garden".

Over the next month leading up to our free 3-day training in Costa Rica, you're going to see some of the coolest and most advanced uses of Infusionsoft showcased. We're doing it in a way that's a few steps beyond evergreen launches or perpetual webinars too.

You will learn all the best uses by watching our TV station which will run directly off of Infusionsoft.

You heard me, a TV station run off of Infusionsoft. You will eventually be able to have one too. For the time being, you'll be able to watch shows on our station that show you how to do lots of crazy stuff with Infusionsoft.

Why would anyone care about TV online?

Can you say pay-per-view, can you say infomercials with 1-click upsells, can you say on-demand education with embedded testing & scoring.

When you mix the concept of "live" TV with full access to a persons live Infusionsoft record then multiply that by your ability to send them text messages or emails or do any of the great things Infusionsoft allows you to do in real-time, it starts to get quite interesting.

Stay tuned my friends, it's going to be fun.

Micah & Bob

Conquer & Grow - Good Times

BellagioIt was just as I expected. Really fun. Kudos to Infusionsoft & to Vegas too : )

The favorite speaker was Michael Gerber of course. I'm not sure I understood everything he said but don't have the immense knowledge he does to keep it all in perspective. I said this in an email recently but he's my favorite author/speaker and it was just great to hear from him again.

Bill Walsh spewed out a litany of 1-liners that could each take a whole book to explain properly. I think the first time you see Bill you can't fully appreciate the value he brings in motivation & energy because you're already overwhelmed about 3 minutes into the presentation.

A few people asked me if he was "for real" or not and I'd say "yes". It seems that no matter where I travel, he happens to already be there for some reason. You'd swear he's running 5 events at a time every weekend, he's a crazy guy. Not only does he know what he's talking about, he actually does it. That's WHY he's got so many friends at the top.

Hopefully, you saw MVH speak. I had to step out and do some client support stuff but I've seen him before and he's an inspirational speaker. If you're a writer you should look him up. If you're not familiar with him, he co-authored "Chicken Soup for the Soul" with Jack Canfield and currently one of his big projects is called Wealthy Writers Wisdom. It's a course to help writers get their books written and marketed properly.

Almost all of the speakers were great and I won't point out the 1 or 2 I didn't care for.

BellagioThis isn't brown-nosing but the gospel truth, I really think Infusionsoft has made a LOT of improvement in the last 6 months or so since Infusioncon.

It's not just the software but the company, too, from what I can tell and the general buzz of clients & vendors alike.

NOTHING WILL EVER BE PERFECT, it won't with my business or yours either but there is really a major, noticeable improvement at Infusionsoft.

You know the software has been changing drastically over the last year. Not in new features as much as in usability and stability. It's gotten much better. Now that we have our own software I know how complicated the little things can be.

And now as they're releasing new features again, I think we're going to see it steadily continue to get better & better.

We didn't sponsor at this event but I noticed they treated their sponsors very well here. Infusionsoft employees were around helping clients and presented some great Infusionsoft-specific training in the breakout sessions as well.

The Bellagio was great. It was Bob & John's first time up here and I'm glad Nicole Shoots at Infusionsoft is such a stellar event coordinator. They were both blown away with the hotel and the city too. Really great choices.

Something Important...

We all saw Clate and Scott doing some on-site, on-demand support for their customers via a Q&A session during lunch. They told us something important about followup sequences in Infusionsoft.

I've been really struggling with the very best way to email people. More importantly how to mix broadcasting with sequencing. We even build and teach a crazy "Cycler" that chooses which sequences to put people in and out of depending on what they're doing, buying, opening, clicking or viewing.

Clate & Scott put me to shame, though. After what they said, I've thought about it a lot.

My question to them was roughly "How do you guys use sequencing & broadcasting together but ensure people don't get too many emails?".

The cycler manages sequencing really well but doesn't take the broadcasts into account at all.

Here's how the problem usually occurs:

  1. Someone joins your list and starts receiving an email from you every few days.
  2. Then, at random, you suddenly decide you have something to say that the whole list needs to hear.
  3. You blast it out to them.
  4. Earlier that day, your sequence mailed the person.
  5. They see the second email and decide you mail them too much.
  6. They opt-out.
  7. Some report you as SPAM!

So here's what they said. "We don't broadcast our whole list, just segments."


I think I was over-complicating my decision-making process. Now, I'm going to push every lead into the cycler the moment they hit my list and no-one gets a broadcast until they finally exit the cycler. Then - and only then - will they be open for broadcasting.

When you or I send a broadcast email, our latest news doesn't mean spit to someone who doesn't know us yet right? They need a little background for it to be of any value or for it to make a good impression.

I know this doesn't sound all that ground-shaking for people already automating but for those of you who, like Clate (he told us a Christmas story about his first sequence), had Infusionsoft but weren't sending followup emails out in a sequence, listen up. This IS the magic pill.

Infusionsoft is not a magic pill. The pill is: sequential, tested, automated marketing and communication.

Over the years, I've been in and seen a lot of Infusionsoft apps. The ones who usually make good money are not doing anything ground-shaking. They are simply doing sequential, tested, automated marketing.

I'll go a step further and say that they're the happiest people too. It's not just that they make money.

You know, that whole internet myth of retiring to the beach while you make money in your sleep is less of a myth and merely something that takes more thought than the web page selling you "happiness" is willing to admit.

Don't get overwhelmed thinking you have to make it perfect or do it all at once. Just do some sequencing and make a commitment to do more as soon as you possibly can.

  • Schedule 1 hour right now for setting up a sequence or running reports on your existing sequences to see what you can improve.
  • Re-write some subject lines in your emails.
  • Create some split tests, look at your headlines on your pages and try to make them better.
  • Re-signup for your own sequences if you have them and see how it feels when you receive those emails.
  • Do something for your sequences or at least start. They'll set you free!

Thanks again Infusionsoft & everyone who came and made it a fun event. If you weren't there, get yourself to it next year because this one was thrown together quickly and was completely awesome. It will be even better the second time around.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the event, any of the speakers or anything else about the event in the comments below... even if you didn't come!


Best Infusionsoft Membership Plugin Now Comes in 2 Flavors

If you want to do membership websites with Infusionsoft, chances are you have already run across InfusionWP at some point whether you bought it or not. If you're running a SUCCESSFUL site then you are probably using InfusionWP right now.

If you saw InfusionWP and thought "it's too expensive" or maybe "it looks too complicated" then I've got great news.

The most powerful plugin for Infusionsoft now comes in 2 different flavors. There is the full version which is quite simply best-in-class for membership websites and now there is the brand-spanking-new LITE version which has been simplified so it's easier to use, and it also costs less.

One of the main advantages to picking up the LITE version vs. some other random membership solution or plugin is that the LITE version can be converted at anytime to the full InfusionWP automatically without any changes needed.

The fact is you'll want to be with InfusionWP in the end because it offers everything you'll need once you decide to upgrade your membership website with 1-click upsells, accounts management, credit card management, affiliate management and a whole bunch more.

If you pick something else now and then upgrade later, it can require more effort on your part which would be a shame.

That's why we created the LITE version. To get you going without breaking the bank. Then after you're making money, it's a flip of a switch to turn on the full features and you can begin using them immediately without any messy migration process.

Those of you using the full version know it's amazing. We've got a page of testimonials to that effect. Several of the speakers here at Conquer & Grow in Vegas use our plugin. I won't name drop here but let's just say that the BIG ones do : )

Checkout the LITE version & other InfusionWP stuff here


infusionSMS Today + What is Response FLow? (responseFLOW)

If you haven't been following this subject, we bought infusionSMS which is a text messaging service to integrate Infusionsoft to BoomText about a month ago.

We've been building, adding-on, doing beta testing & doing live testing with clients all month. We're happy to announce that the new version is ready and you can pick it up here.

With infusionSMS you can do all of your SMS marketing out of Infusionsoft and receive messages to capture leads back into Infusionsoft.

This new setup will also include a BoomText account as part of the package.


What is Response Flow?
On a separate note, you may have read Bob's email about our great migration to Amazon for web hosting. In the process we started using a new domain name and overtook

Some of you know Bob or I from way back and know we had different business names and eventually settled on Moldingsoft as our new business together. It was my idea in the beginning but had a few drawbacks and so we're upgrading our branding & image for the last time. Our new business name and branding is responseFLOW for a few reasons.

#1 Reason We (Moldingsoft) were constantly confused with Molding Box Inc. which is understandable since we both market to Infusionsoft users and my original company was Molding Box Technologies. That was an offshoot of Molding Box. Then I did Infusion Alliance & some software integrations and after partnering with Bob Keen who did InfusionWP and several other things we became Moldingsoft which is still very much like Molding Box.

See?... Extremely Confusing.

Molding Box is a great friend of mine and they are a great fulfillment fit for any Infusionsoft user. They'll warehouse and ship your packages and help you get your shipping data back into Infusionsoft. I've got nothing against them and recommend them to anyone. In fact, they're a sponsor at the Infusionsoft "Conquer the Chaos" event in Las Vegas starting this Thursday.

(Those of you who bought InfusionWP on our "free ticket giveaway" for the Vegas Event just need to email us or find us there to grab your tickets.)

So the "molding" name is still a great one but we needed to clear up the confusion and consolidate some other stuff between Bob & I.

Back to Response Flow...
Anyways to start anew and make it simple for everyone, we've found a new name that takes a few minutes to get used to and then starts to make a bunch of sense. "Response Flow"

You see, we primarily write software integration which allows your data to flow. We're a bit different though because we also allow your systems to receive a response from each-other bringing a very real level of useful business integration.

We're bringing everything together with responseFLOW and will continue to create products for the Infusionsoft market.

Bob, John & I are extremely happy to be serving you and look forward to creating more and more software that you'll use and love.

Thank for reading,


Something else that is a little known secret and part of the reason for changing names is that many of our services were built for the wide-open market.

We layered on some extra features & accessibility for Infusionsoft users afterward in most cases. InfusionWP is an exception though a non-Infusionsoft version was built once too.

Making SMS easy for Infusionsoft users is actually what's taken so much time this last month. Bob was ready to kill me after he figured out how much Infusionsoft specific usability stuff that had worked it's way into the project.

It's not that he doesn't like Infusiosnoft and doesn't want to provide features, quite the contrary. It's just that there's a slight trade-off. If we program something useful into it for you to save time in setup or to make it fix & control things more then...

...that is going to have to run when the program runs and take time in execution. The more features we add, the more the program has to do. If we take it too far, at some point it would be too slow. I'm not saying it's slow now. Bob is a master of true, old-school, software engineering so he's weeping over less than milliseconds but still he weeps.

Bottom line is that we'd like to begin supporting more of your needs.

Even though you use Infusionsoft we don't believe it's your only software.

At this point you'd need to know a little bit of web-mastering to get our services to work outside of Infusionsoft but the real bottle-neck is that I haven't created any documentation for non-Infusionsoft uses. We'll reach out to you after we've created more docs.

For today, just remember responseFLOW is Moldingsoft (Bob & Micah) creators of InfusionWP, Infusionsoft Mastery, now InfusionSMS and many other great software integrations for Infusionsoft users.

Review of the August Infusionsoft Mastery in Costa Rica


If you read my post about the April training, we had some issues due to my curriculum but August was smooth sailing!


In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say that no one was lost, everyone learned a ton, and we all had an incredibly fun time.

I'd get done jabbering at the group and ask if there were any questions, 1 or 2 hands would almost always go up. The indicator that they got it was that instead of asking me to repeat myself, they would usually ask something that added to the conversation.

Learning Infusionsoft

The naming conventions and application cleanup were big interest points for everyone. It can become daunting extremely quickly if you don't keep things clean in Infusionsoft and I think we're all on the same page and now & have best practices to follow to keep us clean.

Everyone created their own squeeze pages and a Google Website Optimizer split test which was a big hit. We used our new squeeze page templates for Infusionsoft & InfusionWP.

Then we went off the deep-end into full-scale launches since I had just supported a 7 figure launch for a client using Infusionsoft during the weeks before the event. We talked about evergreen automation, webinar strategies, sequence cycling, membership website psychology & many other things that are hot right now.

An Interesting Tip for Trainers...

As I was teaching, we had a corresponding page in our membership site for that days lesson and I could add notes into the membership site and save it. Then  they could refresh that page on their own laptop and see what I was doing within seconds of writing it.

This way I could give them code snippets, copy, strategies, file downloads and templates, all on the spot as we were creating and collaborating.


Networking was intense as once again we had only cool/nice people take the Costa Rican plunge and join us in the jungle.

Most people who use Infusionsoft are experts in their field, speakers, authors, maybe even gurus. When you put enough of those people into a room openly talking strategy and technically implementing strategy via Infusionsoft, it can get interesting.

A few of us are going to meet up in Argentina this November for a couple of weeks from downtown Buenos Aires.

The reason: just to do something different, collaborate with each other & have fun...  Those kind of cool people.

Fun & Shenanigans (you know who you are)

The weather cooperated with us and we saw plenty of wildlife. The monkeys came faithfully to breakfast every morning too.

About 1/2 of us went to Esterillos Oeste (a world class beach) and surfed the day after the event.

I missed the zip-line this time but a bunch went here in Punta Leona. Picture

Dinner at Playa Blanca (pic at the beginning of this post) was of course, awesome. Bob even got a mariachi band, and the beach & restaurant were opened just for us. We sat at one giant table which is another great thing about keeping the event limited.

There were lots of drinks, some glow in the dark frisbee on the beach & even some dancing afterward while those who wanted to take it easy lounged around at the table for some good conversation. Kudos Bob.

We were also up every night at the bar near the beach (the only thing open by then) talking with each other until the wee hours. Sometimes it was a bit colorful so I can't say it was always productive.

About two thirds of the group ended up in the ocean late one night to check out the glow-in-the-dark plankton which were out again with a vengeance, very cool. That's crazy if you haven't ever seen it.

Luckily we wised up and started the event at 1:00 PM every day. It sounds lazy but the weather is better in the morning this time of year so people could go to the beach or do some sight-seeing even after they'd slept in a little. It's much more relaxed down here to begin with. Who wants to start training at 8am when it's so perfect outside?

So in summary, it was fun & productive. Don't take my word for it though, watch a few short videos below...


Below this are a few of the testimonial videos.

I have and will be publishing more testimonials & videos but as separate posts. Better For SEO : )


Robert Scanlon


Chris Austin of

Chris is also an Infusionsoft CMAC and is going to start creating some great videos for everyone at


Brad Weimert


...Cherrie, the LEAST experienced Infusionsoft user said...


I wanted to thank you for the Infusionsoft Mastery event!

I came to Costa Rica with very little knowledge of Infusionsoft and left educated and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. But, this is a good thing! I spent the weekend reviewing every last one of the videos in the Training Library plus the bonuses! I worked through the examples and reviewed the slides and material covered last week.

Yes, the complete implementation will take a little longer...but the knowledge and experience has certainly expanded my thinking and I now know that so many more options are available to me.

I feel well equipped to start at the beginning...again, a good thing! I've created my mindmap and am working on an Excel sheet of categories and products...want my tagging to be clean and efficient from the beginning. I've created a few webforms, emails and a follow up sequence. I understand action sets. I've built a few reports.

So, I really could not have asked for more.

I realize I was the least knowledgeable of the attendees as it pertains to Infusionsoft. I think I'll probably be the best case study. I'll keep you informed of my progress...and will, no doubt, have lots of questions along the way. I'm persistent.

I plan to incorporate all the info I've been given as quickly as possible...then I'll be hungry for more. Please consider an IWP event in the future.

Although I hardly consider myself a "master", the three day event was invaluable. Thank you!

Cherrie St Germain
My TruMind | Better Day Movement


8 Seconds Closing Applause


You can get more info including some free videos: Infusionsoft Mastery

Thanks again to everyone who came down for making it so much fun!


-ps: we haven't picked dates for the next mastery event yet

-pps: ok...
Bob spilled the beans on this earlier but all InfusionWP users should get their passports ready : )
FREE InfusionWP users conference here in October/November timeframe!


InfusionSMS (Text Messaging for Infusionsoft) Acquired by Bob & Micah


If you haven't heard of InfusionSMS it's a company that has been selling text messaging integration to Infusionsoft users. It was run by Tyler Garns who is also the VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft.

Bob & I have built a text messaging platform as well but then we decided to ask Tyler what his plans were. We talked and he was very agreeable, after some discussion he decided to sell InfusionSMS to us so we could continue to grow it and provide text messaging services to you, the Infusionsoft user!

In addition to the features InfusionSMS already has, our platform has a few additional features such as mass broadcast of text messages and - important - scheduled text messages. Our platform will be the same as the one many of your already know, such as our GoToWebinar and Kunaki integrations.

You can use text messaging for many things but I'll share the example I'm most excited about, webinars.

That's right, filling up webinars to be more precise. Simply sending a text message reminder 10 minutes or so before the webinar will drastically increase attendance in most cases. If you are able to sell a certain percentage of people on a webinar then this message is ultimately increasing sales.

I'll keep it short today but the good news is that text messaging is now going to be deeply integrated into Infusionsoft including timed messages, international support, batch text speed improvements, interactivity and much much more.

We'll do a real product release around it after the dust settles and we've finished combining the 2 platforms.

If you have a need to text, or have ever thought about sending text messages as part of your Infusionsoft process you're going to love this.

Good things coming down the pipeline...


Infusionsoft's Conquer & Grow - Free Tickets!


Bob & I are headed to Vegas to attend "Conquer & Grow" which is Infusionsoft's live event October 7th and 8th and we want you to be our guest!

Infusionsoft is putting it on after releasing their new book Conquering the Chaos and reaching the NY Times Bestseller's list.

Many notable marketing heroes are going to be there including Rich Schefren who was one of the very first InfusionWP adopters.

If anyone knows what he's talking about, it's Rich.

You may have seen Bob's email about Rich's first site with us and how impressed we were with his shear numbers. I'm incredibly excited to go see Rich speak and of course everyone else who's going to be in Vegas that weekend.

Some other amazing speakers include...

Michael Gerber
Author, The E-Myth and Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
(2 of my top 5 favorite books on business!)

John Jantsch

Author, Referral Engine and Duct Tape Marketing

Mark Victor Hansen
Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series
(another consulting client & InfusionWP powered site)

Bill Glazer
Co-founder, Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle and Author, Outrageous Advertising

And of course the guys behind the whole thing...

Clate Mask and Scott Martineau
Co-founders, Infusionsoft and co-authors, NY Times bestselling Conquer the Chaos

So in summary, I can't wait for this thing!

To be our guest and receive the a free ticket, be one of the next 10 people to purchase a yearly license of InfusionWP.

You don't have to do anything to qualify except buy InfusionWP yearly before 10 other people do and we'll buy your ticket to the event!

What's InfusionWP? It's only the very best Membership Site Solution for Infusionsoft in existence.

If you don't have it already, you're going to love it.

Hope you can join us in Vegas for some great learning and what will surely be a great party too!

- Micah

Calling All CMAC's

YOU help Infusionsoft users get things done.

It's probably your job to completely take care of Infusionsoft for certain customers while other customers just need advice from time to time.

As a CMAC or anyone trying to consult for Infusionsoft customers, it's tough to always be right, to always know everything.

I've been in way too many situations where I had to just say "I'll need to call support for that".

Infusionsoft has layers (like an onion or an ogre) that as you work through them you realize layer by layer the things you thought you knew and had down are too basic or outdated. Sometimes, they were just plain wrong from the beginning.

And you move on...

To the next customer and do little better, you're a little wizer, a little quicker.

Eventually you become seasoned, and then a master.

That can take some time, becoming truly proficient in anything takes some serious time.

...and you know what? Time is money.

What if you could cut that time down a few years though?

Skip a few grades?

Look, if you're reading my blog you probably know what I do. What I'm simply amazed about right now is that you are not registered for my training in Costa Rica.

Perhaps you think that we wouldn't want you taking our info and using it for your own clients.


That couldn't be further from the truth.

We want you to run with what's already been created.

To be honest, we're in the software business. We don't like doing consulting very much anymore because software is simply a much better use of our time.

We want YOU to pick up all the consulting revenue that is left in the wake of anything we produce. Whether that's Infusionsoft work in general, some of the add-on software we create like InfusionWP or even our training library which you should be absolutely salivating for I don't care who you are. (Clate, buy my stuff!)

I want to give you as much of what I've learned as possible. Listen, here's the strait up skinny.

I want you to take my training. I want you to start at level 20 instead of level 3. You'll make more, your customers will make more, everyone in the end will make more. Did you know that I'd love to hand out more work than I currently do? The only competent CMAC's I know are always too busy for new projects.

There must be so many more of you out there,

I just don't know you yet so "hello, how are you?"

Sort of Sick

Get on With It

I'm Fine


(Just kidding those aren't links, I do hope you're doing well today though)

I really do want to help you get things done in your application and of course improve your earning power by providing more value to your customers.

We are excited to put on some killer training down here and just want you to know, you're more than welcome to it. Sorry for the short notice, there are only 5 seats left down here.

If you can make it next week then you're a trooper, if not you can still use our immense Infusionsoft training library. But I'll post on that later.

As someone who's business revolves around Infusionsoft, you couldn't find a better investment in yourself than this.

FYI: We've even added a 6-pay option to make it affordable. $197 down gets you one of the last tickets.

Check out the event details like flights & hotel here and then grab a ticket or ask me a question in the comments below.

And if you still aren't convinced that you'd be crazy not to make every effort to get yourself down here, just think about this...

Costa Rica, Beaches, Jungles, Volcanoes, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Waterfalls

I shouldn't leave out the fact that it's also a fun time as noted by the large bar tab and zip-lining videos.

You're also invited to a Dinner at Playa Blanca (white beach) on Wednesday night with Bob & I. Look forward to seeing you here!
Details like flights & hotel are here

Infusionsoft Mastery Results


It was a big success and a huge disaster.

That's right, BOTH. Here's why...

Mistake #1
It was a disaster because I was not prepared to teach like that. I had plenty of material to cover but it wasn't quite organized right and I left out the crucial step of providing flowcharts & a workbook for the attendees. The result was that the group didn't get as much done as we wanted to help them get done.

To remedy the problem, we decided to have 8 live webinars for the 8 weeks after the program to help clarify anything and get the loose ends tied up.

We're coming up on week 3 of those webinars. It's been great to talk to the mastermind again and continue to make progress.

Mistake #2
The other big mistake we made was our Audio wasn't recorded properly on the cameras so the event footage is almost useless. That one is almost a blessing since now I've had to go make videos for every tiny bit of Infusionsoft and all the modifications that can be done to it.

I'll give you a sneak peak at the training area when I have time to make a demo version. The feedback so far from the members using it has been pretty incredible.

All the lessons now start with mind maps or flow charts of what's covered and then go through it step by step, click by click, screen by screen. Once you know the concept and follow the directions to really implement something in your business, you pretty much know it.

Bottom line, if you are going to do a live training event of any sort. You can't ever prepare enough.

If you do have a bad event, consider it a learning experience. I've been working like a dog ever since to make sure every lesson I learned by not being prepared for this first Infusionsoft Mastery is completely fixed for next time.

Why do I think it was also a huge success too? There are many reasons...

  1. Everyone had tons of fun. (zip-lining, beaches, incredible wildlife, night-swimming with glow in the dark plankton, that's right.)
  2. The small group size turned out to be just perfect. Several people said that was a big part of the event for them. Just meeting the other high-level Infusionsoft users who attended.
  3. Even though I say that we didn't get as far as we wanted, don't get me wrong. They still got to drink from the Infusionsoft fire-hose for 5 days strait.
  4. They loved all the bonus software we threw at them. (some said it was worth it alone)
  5. People were glued at attention the entire 2 days of membership site training. (apparently they liked that)
  6. Our friend Russell Jamieson from the UK liked it so much he stayed an extra 8 days and David White from the UK stayed a few extra days too. (actually because of the volcano in Iceland, the airlines were closed and they couldn't fly back but Costa Rica isn't a bad place to be stranded and we enjoyed having them here)
  7. Bob and I learned a ton about putting this event on and have been working furiously for the next one to be perfect.

To me, the bottom line is this. We had a job to do.

We had to provide enough value that they felt it was worth it to take 6 days out of their busy lives, fly to Costa Rica, get a hotel, pay for the conference & watch me blabber away for nearly the entire time.

So the fact that some of them would have come just for the vacation alone, would come just for the software alone, would come just for the membership stuff alone, and would gladly come back?

That means it was a success and it worked!

[i4w_youtube id=Jd65fR5R0To]

The next one is going to be MUCH better because of all we learned and all we've now developed for this first group.

We're also going to keep it to a very small group since that worked so well. Only 20 will attend and the dates will be at the beginning of August.

Just have your passport and a chunk of dough ready because YOU REALLY WANT TO BE HERE.

Fill out the form to let us know you're interested and you'll receive the first invites when the doors open in a few weeks.

First Name *
Email *
Which dates work for you?
(you can select more than one)
August 2-6
August 9-13
August 16-20

I'm So Excited About InfusionWP!

The more I work with InfusionWP the more excited I get. You can do almost anything with InfusionWP. You know Bob's the evil genius who wrote it. I didn't write or or really have anything to do with it except suggest a few things but I am starting to find some killer ways to get the most out of it.

The video below is sort of a tease because I will have to make individual videos for you that show you how exactly to do what I'm about to demo for you.

Pretty cool huh?

It's now ready for you to use!

Click here to learn the auto-login methods...